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At I Rock Therapy, serving Fayetteville, NC and surrounding areas, we believe that as people become more aware and accepting of themselves, they are more capable of finding a deeper understanding of who they are as well as sense of peace and contentment in their lives. With personal development being our number one priority, our goal is to “water” our client’s growth through empowerment. As a generalist, our Fayetteville therapist treat individuals with a wide range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and those looking to improve their life overall.

I Rock Therapy welcomes potential new patients to schedule an appointment, to determine if I Rock Therapy is a good fit for you, and will offer a referral if another clinician may better meet your needs. We’re committed to assisting you in being your best self and living your best life. Therapy sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday and are usually 45 or 60 minutes in length – including check out and scheduling.

Why Choose Us


Confidentiality is a top priority at I Rock Therapy. We will always keep everything you say to our therapist confidential in accordance with the Ethics Code of the NASW and the laws of the State of North Carolina & South Carolina.


Offering services that fits your schedule. Our face to face sessions are readily available for those who prefer traditional forms of therapy. Our Telehealth sessions allows you to take your therapist with you wherever you go and have HIPAA compliant sessions from remote locations.


With over 10 years in the human service field and working with those dealing with mental health  disorders.  Our clinician has the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver effective evidenced based therapeutic approaches to assist with your needs.

About Shnika DavisLicensed Clinical Social Worker

Shnika Davis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist- Associate. She has been providing mental health services and working in the human service field for over 10 years. Populations served include: Adults, adolescents, and geriatrics.

Shnika is able to work with clients from the age of 3 – 99 years old. She provides a wide array of services ranging from anger management, couples/marriage counseling, individual therapy and family therapy. Other services provided are anxiety, adjustment, aging, grief/loss, substance abuse, parenting skills, depression, sexual perpetration/victim awareness, and abuse: sexual, physical and emotional. She also utilizes the therapeutic approach of Cognitive Behavioral and Solution Focused therapies. It is our goal to water each client with the tools they need to bloom into the person they desire to be.

Therapist Fayetteville NC

Our Counseling ServicesTake your therapist everywhere with you through with our online therapy sessions.

Addiction & Recovery Counseling in Fayetteville, NC

When fighting addiction your life can feel out of control. A spiraling effect of broken relationships, employment struggles, and financial problems can cause you to feel hopeless. I Rock Therapy is here to help you regain control and rebuild the love of self. Our passionate therapist, has been working with clients battling addiction for over 8 years. She has witnessed first-hand the transformations that occur from addiction counseling.

Take Back Control of Your Life with Individualized Substance Abuse Counseling

While some substance abuse may be more severe and require hospitalization, others such as alcohol addiction, can benefit greatly from the individualized counseling offered at I Rock Therapy. Our therapist takes time to get to know each client and their journey, so each client plan is person centered around the specific counseling and support necessary.

People facing addictions aren’t weak or broken; rather, they are hurting and need practical steps for shifting mindset and reclaiming their lives through sobriety. There are many signs and symptoms of addiction, including:

  • Loss of control when it comes to substance use—both the amount and frequency
  • Craving and compulsive use of the substance
  • Continued use of the substance, even in the face of negative consequences

Whether you are new in your addiction or have been living with addiction for years, I Rock Therapy can help you to reduce or even eliminate physical, behavioral and emotional symptoms of addiction. Through increasing self-awareness, facilitating positive changes within the mind, and developing safe, and healthy coping skills. You never have to be alone in your addictions struggle. Connect with I Rock Therapy now to schedule your first session or call 910-241-0665.

Depression & Anxiety Counseling in Fayetteville, NC

Depression Counseling

Depression counseling can be a stepping stone to a better life–one filled with hope and the ability to overcome hard times and enjoy life’s moments once again. No matter where you are in your journey with depression, I Rock Therapy is here to help. Depression counseling can be a stepping stone to a better life–one filled with hope and the ability to overcome hard times and enjoy life’s moments once again. No matter where you are in your journey with depression, I Rock Therapy is here to help.

Offering one-on-one counseling sessions for adults and adolescents. The powerful combination of counseling philosophies and strategies will enable you to do more than just alleviate symptoms of depression. Our therapist will work with you through the process to increase self-awareness and make necessary lifestyle and behavior changes, so you can experience a level of peace and contentment you may have never thought possible.

Anxiety Counseling

What if you didn’t have to go through life continually feeling anxious and could get the anxiety therapy you need to thrive? Imagine how that would transform your daily life. I Rock Therapy is here to provide the professional counseling you need to create a better life for yourself—one with less anxiety and the healthy coping skills necessary to navigate life in a positive way.

Adults and adolescents can schedule one-on-one sessions with I Rock Therapy to process through anxiety issues. Whether the anxiety has been a more recent problem or a long-term issue, I Rock Therapy will work with you to do more than just alleviate symptoms. The goal is to assist you to achieve a deeper level of self-awareness that can lead to healing and peace.

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I Rock Therapy creates a warm, caring, non-judgmental environment, so clients can feel safe and comfortable to engage in therapy. Our therapist values each of her clients’ perspectives and life experiences and takes a customized therapeutic approach with the goal of clients meeting their fullest potential and greatest mental and emotional health.

Is it time to find out what living life with reduced depression and anxiety could mean for you? Get the professional counseling assistance you need to make real, lasting change today. Connect with I Rock Therapy online now, or call us at 910-241-0665 to schedule your first session.

Group Therapy Counseling in Fayetteville, NC

Process Groups – Process groups allows clients to “process” the emotional struggles they are experiencing and providing an opportunity to gain insight into their behaviors and feelings. Areas that may be processed are: family relationships; traumatic incidents; grief issues; relapse triggers and stressful situations, among others.

Body-Centered Psychotherapy – Clients learn how they hold stress and emotions in their physical body. Science has proven how our mental health and medical problems are strongly correlated. Stress leads to overeating, high blood pressure and weight gain. Anxiety can lead to lack of sleep, heart palpitations and inability to function at normal activities, and depression can lead to poor nutrition, headaches and inability to work and take care of ADL’s. Of course, addiction to alcohol and drugs can lead to a myriad of medical issues that can lead to profound illness and even death. I Rock Therapy works to help clients gain better awareness of the physical symptoms they are experiencing and how they impact each client’s health on many different levels, offering practical ways to take better care of themselves physically. Additionally these groups help to reduce the stigma that surrounds individuals with body focus concerns, increase self esteem, decrease comparisons between themselves and others, while improving their nutrition, exercise and coping strategies.

Relapse Prevention of Self-Destructive Behaviors – This component of the Solutions treatment program provides a solution- and strengths-focused approach to internalizing new information by reviewing and reinforcing what has worked previously to prevent relapse. This group helps the client identify their triggers and to develop different ways they can deal with difficult emotions and situations. Our groups can be used to focus on relapse prevention and safety for each client’s weekend plan. These can include handouts, lectures, didactic activities, homework, and experiential exercises. Additionally, clients are asked to participate in 12-step or Smart Recovery meetings in the community.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills Group – Includes communication education while providing the exact skills for the clients to practice and put into place. Learning to listen, clarify and reflect are some of the skills assignments, and can include handouts, lectures, role plays, empty chair work, didactic activities and experiential exercises as related to weekend plans.

Stress Tolerance/Stress Management – Stress is a leading cause for clients to relapse and remain stuck in self destructive patterns. Clients are encouraged to identify major and minor causes of stress and to develop strategies to manage stress so that is does not become overwhelming or debilitating. Some common stress management techniques our clients engage in are walks, yoga, Tai Chi, identifying and expressing feelings appropriately, communication skills, establishing interpersonal boundaries, exercise, meditation, guided imagery, breathing techniques and good nutrition.

Behavioral Awareness –This group is based on mindfulness, psychoeducation, Dialectical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. It helps clients identify process additions and other maladaptive behaviors that may be more subtle but still have negative consequences in regard to their mental health and wellbeing. Clients are encouraged to find alternative healthy behaviors and begin implementing them in their daily lives.

Family Therapy in Fayetteville, NC

Couples/Marriage Therapy

Relationships/Marriage require work and sometimes it can get hard. We here at I Rock Therapy are here to help address anything getting in the way of you having the relationship you’d like. With convenient hours including nights and weekends we want to help remove any barrier in place to you having the relationship you dream about.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy sessions are designed to assist family members and clients in reorienting and restructuring relationship systems. This component involves the family members, client and the family therapists working together on family education programming, as well as family therapy needs. The goal of Family Therapy is to provide the client with a better understanding of family patterns, family of origin issues, while providing the family with opportunities to increase understanding and knowledge regarding chemical dependency and mental health issues. Another treatment goal of Family Program is to assist in the enhancement of client and family stress management, communication, boundaries and leisure time skills.

Other Counseling Services

Body Image Counseling

Anyone who has struggled with body image knows how it can negatively influence one’s life. Losing a positive sense of your self-identity can infiltrate into every corner of your life experience. At I Rock Therapy, we believe our clients can overcome a poor body image and learn to love their bodies through a positive shift in mindset and development of healthy coping skills. Through one-on-one counseling, our therapist guides older adolescents and adults through a therapeutic process. Clients who thought they would never live life without the emotionally-debilitating strain of negative body image have been able to find healing and freedom through therapy.

Self-Esteem Counseling

Self-esteem counseling can be the key to a better life—one where you feel good in your skin and can look forward to the future with positivity. In a culture full of comparisons and social media life-highlights at every turn, it becomes easy for people from all walks of life to experience plummeting self-esteem. I Rock Therapy, helps clients to shed the skin of low self-esteem and walk into a healthier place in their lives. While it may seem impossible in this moment, in your current state of mind, but I Rock Therapy offers the support and guidance you need to overcome common self-esteem symptoms.

Trauma Counseling

If you have experienced abuse or trauma, it’s normal to struggle with upsetting emotions and a sense of insecurity or danger. At I Rock Therapy, you can get the support and professional counseling necessary to help you move past the trauma and learn to live a life of peace and hope. Trauma is a result of emotionally or psychologically stressful events that can destroy a sense of security and peace, leading to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability. Through one-on-one counseling , clients are able to work through these issues, reduce or eliminate symptoms, and reclaim their lives from the trauma—whether the traumatic experience occurred recently or even several years ago.

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